Nebo Education Foundation Cultivates a Love of Reading with Four Diverse Grants!

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The joy of opening a book and getting lost in its pages is a gift every child deserves. This week, the Nebo Education Foundation ensured that even more students will experience this joy by awarding four grants to passionate educators, fostering a love of reading across diverse genres and languages.

At Santaquin Elementary School, Whitney Provstgaard's classroom is about to become a literary haven thanks to a $165 grant. This will bring a fresh selection of captivating books, catering to different interests and reading levels, ensuring there's a perfect story waiting for every student. Imagine young minds eagerly exploring these treasures, sparking their imaginations and fostering a lifelong love of literature.

Over at Payson Junior High, Janika Prestwitch's grant of $199.40 will fuel lively discussions and collaborative learning. Her literature circle books will create engaging spaces for students to delve into literary works together, analyzing themes, sharing perspectives, and fostering critical thinking skills. Picture students passionately debating characters, dissecting plot twists, and learning the joy of shared literary exploration.

Traveling further south, Mt. Nebo Middle School welcomes two grants dedicated to fostering language and literature appreciation. Doug Lai, the librarian, received a generous $1,000 grant to expand their collection of Spanish books. This will open doors to diverse cultures and perspectives for students, enriching their understanding of the world and promoting language learning with engaging stories. At the same school, Melanie Wirfs' classroom will be buzzing with literary excitement thanks to her $185.70 grant for classroom novels. These carefully chosen books will provide immersive reading experiences, fostering deep connections with characters and narratives while strengthening students' reading fluency and comprehension.

These grants are more than just financial support; they represent a shared commitment to literacy and its transformative power. Every dollar donated to the Nebo Education Foundation empowers educators like Whitney, Janika, Doug, and Melanie to cultivate a love of reading in their students, opening doors to endless possibilities and enriching their lives with the magic of stories.

Do you have an innovative idea that can spark students' love of reading? The Nebo Education Foundation wants to hear from you! Visit to submit your own grant proposal and join the ranks of educators making a difference through the power of literature.

Together, let's build a vibrant reading community in Nebo School District, where every student can discover the joy of a good book and embark on a lifelong journey of learning and exploration.