Inclement Weather / School Closure Status

On this page, Nebo School District will show the status of each of its schools, and any recent announcements regarding school closures, or delayed starts.

Inclement Weather

Throughout the winter months, there is an increased possibility of school disruptions due to inclement weather. Nebo School District will be open and functioning normally throughout the winter unless parents/employees are notified otherwise.

The decision to cancel or delay the start of school is a very complicated process. Nebo School District is a large district covering over 1,300 square miles. Conditions in one area of the district can be very different from conditions in another part of the district. Weather is unpredictable and can change quickly.

On occasion, weather may be so extreme the district may close schools or implement a Delayed Start. In each case, a notice will be sent via phone, text, or email to parents/guardians. If a Delayed Start is called at your particular school, your school's starting time will be postponed for two hours. However, your school's ending time will remain the same. Although the start time will be delayed two hours, we will work to ensure that the school itself will be open by the regular start time in order to accommodate working parents and students that arrive early.

Unfortunately, experience has taught us that there is no single decision that will accommodate the desires of every patron and employee. That being the case, Nebo District is supportive of individual decisions regarding safe travel during inclement weather. Please evaluate your individual situation regarding travel to school. The option to keep children home when weather conditions are severe is always at the parents’ discretion and schools have been asked to respect and honor parent decisions. Make-up schoolwork may be necessary, but schools will accommodate students on the timely completion of required assignments or tests.

The following information may be helpful for individuals with questions regarding inclement weather days.

  1. Inclement Weather Decisions

Inclement weather decisions will be made by approximately 6:30 a.m. on the day of the event. Decisions and action plans are for one school day only.

  1. Snow Day or Delayed Start

If the weather is overly severe, a Snow Day or Delayed Start may be implemented. If this happens, parents/employees will be notified. If a Delayed Start is implemented, schools will start exactly two hours later than their regular start time. The ending time will remain the same as normal. (As an example, a school regularly starting at 8:00 a.m. will start at 10:00 a.m. A regular bus pick-up at 7:15 a.m. will be at 9:15 a.m.) During a delayed start Preschool, All Kindergarten, and ALC will be cancelled.

  1. Delayed Start on an Early Out Day (Teacher Collaboration Day).

If a delayed start is implemented during an early out day, the early out schedule will be cancelled and school will run on a regular schedule.

  1. Phone, Email, and Text Messages

Nebo School District will send notifications regarding inclement weather decisions via phone, email and text. It is important that parents/employees have updated personal contact information available so effective communication can occur.

  1. Announcement posted on Nebo District Website –

An announcement concerning an inclement weather decision will be posted on the district website. Specific information about each school can be found by clicking the Inclement Weather link on the main page.

  1. Media Announcements

Local media outlets will be contacted and informed of school closure status

  1. Social Media Announcements

Notifications will be posted on social media pages.

  1. Bus Stops

On inclement weather days, buses may be running late due to road conditions or traffic delays. Please watch for email, phone, or text messages regarding specific delayed bus routes.

  1. Employee Expectations

Even though the district has declared a “Delayed Start” for students and schools, the expectation is that employees will arrive at their schools/departments at their regular contract time, or as soon as they can safely arrive.

  1. Make-up Days

State law requires each district to have 180 days of instruction. For each Snow Day taken, the day may need to be made up later in the school year. Parents/employees will be notified in advance of the make-up day(s). Delayed start days do not need to be made up.

Dealing with inclement weather can be a frustrating experience for everyone. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you feel might help improve our process, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at question-comment [at] nebo [dot] edu (question-comment[at]nebo[dot]edu). Thank you.

Revised 3/6/2023

School Closure Status

Latest Closure Related Info

Feb 22, 2023

Wed, 2/22/2023 - 4:53 a.m.

As of 4:53 a.m., it has been determined that all schools will operate on a 2-hr delay.


  • (In Session) Goshen Elementary


  • (In Session) Hobble Creek Elementary
  • (In Session) Maple Ridge Elementary
  • (In Session) Mapleton Elementary
  • (In Session) Maple Grove Middle
  • (In Session) Mapleton Jr. High
  • (In Session) Maple Mountain High


  • (In Session) Barnett Elementary
  • (In Session) Park View Elementary
  • (In Session) Spring Lake Elementary
  • (In Session) Taylor Elementary
  • (In Session) Wilson Elementary
  • (In Session) Mt. Nebo Middle
  • (In Session) Payson Jr. High
  • (In Session) Payson High


  • (In Session) Foothills
  • (In Session) Mt. Loafer Elementary
  • (In Session) Salem Elementary
  • (In Session) Valley View Middle
  • (In Session) Salem Jr. High
  • (In Session) Salem Hills High


  • (In Session) Apple Valley
  • (In Session) Orchard Hills
  • (In Session) Santaquin Elementary

Spanish Fork

  • (In Session) Brockbank Elementary
  • (In Session) Canyon Elementary
  • (In Session) East Meadows Elementary
  • (In Session) Larsen Elementary
  • (In Session) Park Elementary
  • (In Session) Rees Elementary
  • (In Session) Riverview Elementary
  • (In Session) Sierra Bonita Elementary
  • (In Session) Spanish Oaks Elementary
  • (In Session) Diamond Fork Middle
  • (In Session) Spanish Fork Jr. High
  • (In Session) Spanish Fork High
  • (In Session) Maple Mountain High


  • (In Session) Art City Elementary
  • (In Session) Brookside Elementary
  • (In Session) Cherry Creek
  • (In Session) Meadow Brook
  • (In Session) Sage Creek Elementary
  • (In Session) Westside Elementary
  • (In Session) Spring Canyon Middle
  • (In Session) Springville Jr. High
  • (In Session) Springville High


  • (In Session) Advanced Learning Center
  • (In Session) Adult Education
  • (In Session) Bridges
  • (In Session) Cornerstone
  • (In Session) Landmark High
  • (In Session) Oakridge