Open Enrollment

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment allows students to apply to go to a school outside their resident school boundaries. Not all schools are eligible and eligibility changes periodically depending on student enrollment.

Open Enrollment Forms

Please use the following form(s) to apply for Open Enrollment.

Application Approval Timeframes

Open Enrollment Window Applications Received Notification By
Early for Next Year Nov. 15 through the First Friday in February March 31st
Late for Next Year (Phase I) Monday following first Friday in February through May 31 June 15
Late for Next Year (Phase II) June 1 through July 30 August 15
Late for Current School Year By the last day of previous term Last day of previous term

Enrollment Capacity Report

The Enrollment Capacity Report shows the capacity of each school. If a school has met its capacity, it is 'closed' to new enrollments via Open Enrollment.

Open Enrollment Policy

Any questions about Open Enrollment can be directed to the following:

  • Margaret Raine, Secretary – 801-354-7418 or margaret [dot] raine [at] nebo [dot] edu
  • Everett Kelepolo, Open Enrollment Coordinator – 801-354-7417 or everett [dot] kelepolo [at] nebo [dot] edu