Nebo Science and Engineering Fair

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The Nebo School District Science and Engineering Fair was held on February 7th at the Summit Center.  Nebo received 164 projects from elementary students and 20 projects from secondary students. The awards ceremony was held Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., with 20 secondary and 101 elementary projects advancing to the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair at BYU.  

Science Fair Winners:

ELEMENTARY AWARDS (5th & 6th Grade)

Best of Show 

Wyatt Blake - Apple Valley Elementary 

Jacob Berrett - East Meadows Elementary

Anistyn Gladding -East Meadows Elementary

Brittlyn Bean - East Meadows Elementary

Max Miller & Flynn Petersen - East Meadows Elementary

Katelynn Moody - Maple Grove Middle School

Linden Baker - Maple Grove Middle School

Cassadee Davis - Rees Elementary

Kona Uluave - Rees Elementary

Anna Lontine - Riverview Elementary

Weston Mansfield - Riverview Elementary

Amy Warren - Sage Creek Elementary

Kendra Haight - Salem Elementary

Damon Larson & Abram Walker -  Sierra Bonita Elementary

Josie Crookston - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Cason Telford & Lenora Nelson - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Emmalynn Hawks - Spanish Oaks Elementary

James Draper - Valley View Middle School


High Honors 

Penny Ewell - Canyon Elementary

Grace Ard & Charlotte Klobas - East Meadows Elementary

Carter Woodbury - East Meadows Elementary

Owen Chynoweth - Larsen Elementary

Jens Chynoweth & Madeline Kober - Larsen Elementary

Haylee Johnson - Maple Grove Middle School

Penny James & Romney Nelson - Maple Ridge Elementary

Jackson Burr & Niels Rowland - Maple Ridge Elementary

Ella Orgill - Maple Ridge Elementary

Brigham Holloway - Park View Elementary

Brynlie Brady - Rees Elementary

Bryce Critchfield - Sage Creek Elementary

Easton Pittman & Rowan Brown - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Tytan & Truman & Riley McKinnon - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Chase Mansfield - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Beckham Cope & Parker Hoyt - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Ainsley Rogers - Spanish Oaks Elementary

Sephie Jensen - Spring Canyon Middle

Ian Allen - Valley View Middle School

Emma Spencer - Valley View Middle School

Samantha Butler - Valley View Middle School

Ryker Cook - Valley View Middle School



Preston Bradley - East Meadows Elementary

Paisley Stroshine - Larsen Elementary

James Samuelson - Maple Grove Middle School

Allie Miller & Holland Hassan- Maple Ridge Elementary

Kaper Puter - Maple Ridge Elementary

Bodie Stevenson - Park View Elementary

Kathryn Cobia - Park View Elementary

Crew Johnson - Park View Elementary

Emme Arnett - Rees Elementary

Delia Kidd - Rees Elementary

Jack Preece - Rees Elementary

Cadence Knight - Rees Elementary

Miriam Jenkins - Sage Creek Elementary

McKenna Osborn - Sage Creek Elementary

William Bytheway - Sage Creek Elementary

Stella Gilbert - Salem Elementary

Brightyn Beck & Harper Azevedo - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Jaxon Eastman & McKade Kramer - Sierra Bonita Elementary

Hudson Glenn - Spanish Oaks Elementary

Dallin Young - Spring Canyon Middle


District Qualifiers

William Turner - Diamond Fork Middle School

James Rosenvall - Diamond Fork Middle School

Evelyn Woidka - East Meadows Elementary

Tyler Sodja - East Meadows Elementary

Roxy Smith & Emj Trejo - East Meadows Elementary

Londyn Teller - East Meadows Elementary

Brooke Baxter & Rileigh Nelson - Larsen Elementary

Cambria Smith - Maple Grove Middle School

McKinley Rothlisberger & Ellie Earl - Maple Grove Middle School

Emmy Sonntag - Maple Grove Middle School

Brantly Smith - Maple Ridge Elementary

David Thomas - Maple Ridge Elementary

Brinley Boyd & Ezra Bliss - Park Elementary

Easton Cornwall - Park View Elementary

Riley Clark - Park View Elementary

Rya Bussio - Park View Elementary

Olivia Barber - Rees Elementary

Troy Higgins - Rees Elementary

Bentli Wonacott - Rees Elementary

Stockton Carter - Rees Elementary

London Mortimer - Rees Elementary

Jacob LeBlanc - Rees Elementary

Carly Olsen & Londyn Lovingier - Riverview Elementary

Astoria Spute - Riverview Elementary

Grayden Evans - Riverview Elementary

Israel Jimenez - Sage Creek Elementary

Georgia Dodd - Sage Creek Elementary

Mark (Drew) Findlay - Sage Creek Elementary

Rooney Vest - Sage Creek Elementary

Quinn Bjarnson - Salem Elementary

Rosie Theodosis & Kate Dixon - Spanish Oaks Elementary

Kyah Preston - Spanish Oaks Elementary

Jackson Pierce - Spanish Oaks Elementary

Alice Clark - Spanish Oaks Elementary

Cole Neilson - Spanish Oaks Elementary

Lucy Caldwell - Spring Canyon Middle

Savannah Walker - Valley View Middle School

Mason Brandt - Valley View Middle School

Lincoln Thomson - Valley View Middle School

Ammon Barker - Valley View Middle School

Corbin Beard - Valley View Middle School


SECONDARY AWARDS (7th - 12th Grade)


Best of Show

Talmage Wallace - ALC

Makenzie Stewart & Katelyn Manuele - Maple Grove Middle School

Mallory Brockank - Valley View Middle School


High Honors

Stephen Petersen - Diamond Fork Middle School

Eliza Baker & Elizabeth Murdock - Maple Grove Middle School

Abe Tanner - Mapleton Junior High

Molly Hixson & Alex Johnson - Salem Junior High

Bentley Day & Lukas Mock - Spanish Fork Junior High

Addy Utt - Spring Canyon Middle

Jaxon West & Carter Wilcock - Valley View Middle School



Seryiah Saavedra - Spring Canyon Middle

Milo Trunnell - Spring Canyon Middle

Colton Chrzanowski - Valley View Middle School

Seth Hansen - Valley View Middle School


District Qualifiers

Ashley Hess & Brylee Brooks - Maple Grove Middle School

Evelyn Nielson - Salem Junior High

Janie Fletcher & Alice Broderick - Spring Canyon Middle 

Alexis Hennen & Arianna Exon - Spring Canyon Middle

Stockton Casperson & Crew Porter - Valley View Middle School